Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Places I love the most..

These are some of the places that I totally in love with. I gain so much calm and peacefulness in these places. And the good thing is that to visit these places you don’t get charged.
  1.       Window Seats.
  2.        Beach - specially at night.
  3.        Gardens/Parks - specially at night.
  4.        Beach with a cliff behind me (Varkala beach).
  5.        Small alley with trees surrounding it.
  6.        Waterfalls.
  7.        Mountains Top.
  8.        A Cabin in the forest.
  9.    Underneath a tree

Friday, 14 August 2015

A beautiful Journey

That was a terrible day for me. I went to the city Bhopal by a Bus at morning to complete some documentation work of prime importance in an Government office but due to some reason it didn't work out well and till the evening I was devastated. I was sad and again boarded on a Bus to travel Home (Indore) at around 6:30 pm. It takes around 4 hours to reach at Indore. 
I worry a lot about my life. A lot of bad things happened before, things didn't work out the way I wanted to, well not everyone’s' life is a bed of roses. But I think about them a lot and make myself sad.
That night was quite different for me as I was experiencing something like this for the very first time.
It's august, monsoon is at its peak. Sun is quite shy these days, hides behind the clouds throughout the day. It’s been several days since the sunlight falls upon us. I don't like monsoon much. There's water everywhere. The road becomes sort of river and the "mud" is just the nature's way to irritate you to the core. You make plans and rain ruins them. I hate monsoon usually but that night it was different.
Just before starting my commute mother called, she said take an umbrella with you. On my way home, I was sad thinking about all the bad things again, they were flashing before my eyes like a motion picture. I was sitting on a window seat. Window seats are my favorite. It always amaze me how just sitting on a ordinary window seat you can actually have a look into your life. You can have your life’s reflection before you. It was quite a wonderful bus, Volvo AC bus. It has those large glass windows. I have liked that bus.  
At around 8:30 pm it started raining. It was dark outside. I was still about 2 hours from home. And then after a while it started raining heavily. It was like a storm. The wind was blowing like a tornado. I was watching through the glass window that how rain suddenly changes everything. View got blurry and like a lens. The lights in highways were appearing like they were dancing to the Elvis Presley's pop songs with blurriness all around them. I could see the lens flare effect on the lights outside. Trees appearing as they were breathing heavily. As if they were running from fear. The heavy droplets of water started bouncing back on the road feels like they were making synchronizing music. It’s fun to watch how they were bouncing back from the roof of the cars on the highway. The water droplets were now on the window's glass. I could really feel the chill in the atmosphere by placing my hand on the window. The bus was running at high speed, splashing the water on the road. Sometimes it splashes the water over the cars. Everything was beautiful.
I was enjoying this a lot. For the first time in my life I was thinking about all the good things that has happened to me. Good things are extremely less but yet I was enjoying every single of them. Realizing how precious they are. Giving you hope for forward journey in life. I was happy. I was happy with all my heart. Smiling every now and then. While watching heavy rainfall through the window of a travel bus, "life is beautiful", I thought.
At around 10:30, I reached Indore. The bus stopped at its bus depot and I needed to reach home that is situated around 9 Kilo-meters from there. The rainfall hadn't been stopped yet. It was raining like it has never rained before. As I was getting off the bus I pulled my umbrella open. I was still happy, smiling, feeling like dancing. And then suddenly I lifted off umbrella from over my head. I don’t really know why I did that. I wasn't just wetting myself I was feeling the rain. I was crazy that night. Around me, people were fearing the rain. They were taking shelters, using umbrella, raincoats. But not me though I was feeling it, I wasn't afraid of the rain that night. I wasn't afraid that I could catch cold, that my mobile phone wouldn't going to work, that my clothes would get wet. Walking in the rain with an open umbrella but not over my head, I asked myself, “Am I insane”. “You are the most sane person around”, replied the heart. As I had thought before, the roads were converted into rivers. There was water all around. It was about my knees. Yet I was walking in it without fear. My phone began to ring. My family members were getting worried about me they wanted me to get home safely. I don’t exactly wanted to go home as I was enjoying the rain but I took an auto rickshaw and reached home safely. That was the end of my short yet effective journey. 
That was very unusual to me. Usually I hate being wet in the rain. Something like this never happened in my life before. But I enjoyed it to the core. This made me realize something about life that the good and the beautiful things are not very far away from us they have been always around us and they always will be, we just have to find them. We should appreciate the good things that has happened to us time to time, they may be very few but still they guide us provide us hope for the better things to come.    
Reminds me of a quote from Harry Potter, “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Thursday, 16 April 2015

How to screw up your life?

1. Make someone else the center of your happiness. 
2. Live in the past.
3. Marry primarily for sex.
4. Study primarily for money.
5. Spend primarily to impress.
6. And when it all goes wrong, argue primarily to blame others.
7. Don't learn from your mistakes.
8. Care too much about what others think of you.
9. Try to please everyone. keep changing yourself just to impress others.
10. Chase your dreams but refuse to acquire the skills and techniques you require to achieve them. You will just fail over and over and look like a complete moron while doing it.
11. Use people. After you're done with them, they will expose you and tarnish your reputation, just like you used them for their abilities.
12. Lie. Every lie will eventually be brought to light, and you will be exposed for who you truly are. 
13. Refuse to open up to others. When you close yourself off to the world, you end up living a life full of loneliness. 
14. Look down upon others. When you feel that you are superior to others, people will walk out of your life or plot ways to take you down. 
15. Be greedy. When you are in it solely for yourself, people sense it. Friends will flock from you faster than sea gulls chasing after a piece of bread. 
16. Hold grudges. When you hold grudges, you become inept to forgiving others. Without forgiveness, you will always carry a burden of hate. 
17. Regret. Regret destroys everything about who you are. It limits your future. It fills you with depression and hopelessness. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

And the sun rises agian...

The sun gets set
bringing the dark scary night
When worry takes you over
and nothing seems to be going right
All over darkness and failures
when the eyes were full of tears
Living every moments in fear
when there’s no one to hear
When things make you down
may be its the silence before the storm
or its just the darkest hour before the dawn
But with perseverance and patience
living every moment with firm determination
The light at the end of the tunnel you'll see
making things bright again as it should be
And as the dark scary night begins to disappear
light from the twilight sky fades away the fear
and the sun rises again....
                                                   - Avinash

Monday, 16 February 2015

You and Me

Hold my hands and come with me
It'll be just you and me
We'll swing between the rain drops
and fly over the mountains top
On the wing we'll drift away
beyond the clouds far far away
On our way we'll kiss the moon
so break your plans, we are not coming back soon
We'll dance in the moonlight
and sway with the stars
with a promise that we'll never apart
So forget the world and lie here with me
It'll be just you and me....

                                                   - Avinash

Friday, 2 January 2015

Dard kuch der hi rehta hai, bahut der nahi

A Poem by Gulzar

Dard kuch der hi rehta hai, bahut der nahi,
jis tarah shaakh se toray hue ek pattay ka rang
mand par jata hai kuch roz alag shaakh se reh kar
shaakh se toot kar yeh dard jeeye ga kab tak?
khatam ho jayegi jab is ki rasad,
tim-timayega zara der ko bujhtay-bujhtay,
aur phir lambi si ek sans dhuan ki le kar
khatam ho jayega, yeh dard bhi, bujh jayega.
dard kuch der hi rehta hai, bahut der nahi...

                                      - gulzar