Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The saddest love story!!

You were always an unknown person. You liked yourself to remain a mystery, didn't like to share anything about you with anyone. Your joy, your pain, your suffering, your happiness were always untold. And this was the way you had been living your life. A simple but precious life.
Then one day, a person walks into your life. They don't just want to talk to you, they want to know you. They want to know all your secrets, all your troubles, all your likings. They want to unfold the mystery. They ask you, what happened that day, you looked desolate. They ask you, what makes you sad, what makes you happy, are you alright?
Suddenly your life revitalized. Now you are not that mystery to everyone, there is a person who knows everything about you. There is a person who is crazy about you.There is a person who loves you. And then you cannot survive a single day without sharing a thing or two about yourself to that special person.
Now you came to know about a different type of joy that you had never experienced before.
You are happiest.
One day, that person decides to leave. Decides to not to continue knowing you anymore, not to continue loving you anymore. Suddenly your life has taken a back, that special person is not around you anymore. That person has gone now. Everything becomes still. Now again you are alone, there's no one around you to share a thing or two about yourself.  You are unable to hear the sound of the wind, the waves which you have always rejoiced
But now you don't want to be a mystery. Now you do like to share things about you. Now you want to be loved, to be cared. Unfortunately, you again become an unknown person.