Bhor Ho Gyi..

The other day, I was watching a really old movie Nirmala, 1948. It is a nice movie. There is a romantic scene in the movie between two lovers.
They are standing on the balcony of their home on the wedding night with their fingers intertwined with each other.
The below lines are cheesy but I love them. How beautifully a man expresses the love to his woman.

Man          -   Kyun aaj mere hraday ka chaman hai khila hua,                       Kyun mann bina ka taar taar hai mila hua,
Woman     -   Mein kya jaanu
Man          -   Kisse puchun?

Woman     -   Apne dil se..

Man          -   Dil kehta hai chandramukhi ne mann ka mukud khilaya hai                        Bubul ne apna pyara gul paaya hai                        Jivan tha suna suni mann ki basti 
                      Madhur prem se tumne ise basaya hai

Woman     -   Bhor ho gyi..
Man          -   Haan bhor ho gyi.


If I were to choose a second profession ever, then it would be Teaching without any concern. I love teaching. I have been teaching since I was 17.
It all started with Engineering Drawing since my maternal grandfather is a Ret. Professor of Engineering Drawing, he taught me the subject. And I sincerely accepted it. It involves imagination, mathematics and engineering with Art. Art has always been close to my heart, I used to have a drawing notebook on which I used to draw cartoons. Childhood is really all about doing what you love (then we all have grown up - sad).
I learned E.D and I was good at it. I knew when to use HB, H and 2H and that's how it started, My Love for Teaching. I began teaching students from Engineering colleges at my grandfather's coaching center at home.
When I was doing engineering, I used to teach my friends. I taught E.D, of course, in my first year to my classmate besides teaching at a coaching class at home. One friend of mine from CS branch used to v…

Kindle: A gadget of Joy

I had always been skeptical about buying Kindle. "Buy it or not to buy it, that is the question" and I am so glad that now what used to be "that is the question" becomes "that was the question" as finally, I bought the Kindle from Amazon. My very own beloved Kindle which I can cherish for life or perhaps at least for 2 years as per Kindle Protection Plan.
The skeptics might be with the price or perhaps with my love for books, the books that made out of woods or with the possibility of mine to regain my habit of reading. I had not been reading books for 1.5 years, these 1.5 years were the worst years of my life, to be precise my worst days started from Feb 2016.
Now things are getting somewhat good if not great and so am I, if not great of course. I so wanted to jump on reading books at my earliest. And after buying Kindle I am delighted as if I found my lost treasure which was lost 1.5 years ago.
I again started reading and the best part is, now a day I …

The Law of the Garbage Truck

And suddenly the sentence "The Law of Garbage Truck" resounds in my mind as I was watching a fight on a busy traffic road. I recalled a friend of mine who once way back sent me an SMS describing the "Law of Garbage Truck", yes you heard it right the SMS as it was way back in the time when messaging apps weren't invented.
Today for the very first time I looked it up on the internet and found that it's an article by David J. Pollay, a writer. He describes it as follows.

“Many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they look for a place to dump it. And if you let them, they’ll dump it on you. So when someone wants to dump on you, don’t take it personally. Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. Believe me. You’ll be happier.”

I have always remembered the essence of Law of Garbage Truck but didn't know how exactly it was described.


The saddest love story!!

You were always an unknown person. You liked yourself to remain a mystery, didn't like to share anything about you with anyone. Your joy, your pain, your suffering, your happiness were always untold. And this was the way you had been living your life. A simple but precious life.
Then one day, a person walks into your life. They don't just want to talk to you, they want to know you. They want to know all your secrets, all your troubles, all your likings. They want to unfold the mystery. They ask you, what happened that day, you looked desolate. They ask you, what makes you sad, what makes you happy, are you alright?
Suddenly your life revitalized. Now you are not that mystery to everyone, there is a person who knows everything about you. There is a person who is crazy about you.There is a person who loves you. And then you cannot survive a single day without sharing a thing or two about yourself to that special person.
Now you came to know about a different type of joy that yo…


Today when we were having snacks at office canteen. A newly joined girl in our group( a bunch of friends having the same experience as me, we take lunch and snacks together) told us that she got engaged and soon she'll be getting married. Every other girl was like awwwwww!!!! woww!!!, show us pictures of him, where is your ring? where will you be going to get married? Is it arranged or love? What will you be going to wear? Where will you go for honeymoon? Oh! that ghagra is beautiful. Aren't you lucky to get married near a sea in Puri.
And then she said her fiance is from IIT and currently working in a startup and planning to create his own company, everyone's face was just light up and all were like oh wow you are one lucky girl.

There is nothing wrong in this the yet to be bride was happy and every girl was happy listening to her.
But what concerns me that none of the girls asked her these, How good the guy is? What's his nature like? Do you love this guy? Does this…

Happiness is Rain

These days are going quite rough for me. I don't understand why life always gives me lemons all the time and I still can't make lemonades out of them. I run for happiness and all I could get is just the same old familiar sadness. Maybe this is all I am doing wrong, I am running for happiness, I should just let it come to me. But then again, I ponder that trying is everything if you don't try for something how you are supposed to get it? Maybe I am running for the wrong kind of happiness. Maybe happiness is just in front of me, but the one for which I am running could be a fake one.  Then again a voice comes from my think tank, Is life is all about achieving happiness or one can live a beautiful life with sadness also?  Don't you think life is extremely complicated and we waste our whole life understanding it? We even go beyond and try to control it. Somewhere we know that we can't actually understand life, but even though we try to understand it, we try to control ou…