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Lately, I have been thinking about “Change” as it’s appearing that a lot of things around me is changing. So Is change good or it’s highly unfortunate that it’s happening. The question is divine.
But here’s the thing “Change Is Inevitable”, it has to happen. What most people fail to realize, typically until it’s very late in the game, is that change happens to us whether we like it or not, remember its Inevitable.
Change is not that bad actually for examples I made a short list of the things that change over time and we really need these changes :

1. Weather
3. A
n era 

1. Weather
What if the weather doesn't change, it remains constant. Imagine it’s raining throughout the year, God, what a dreadful idea or consider you’re perspiring for like full 365 days a year, and now people start greetings each other like Hey Sweaty What’s up. So it's good that weather changes.

2. Fashion
Suppose we still wear those Bell-bottoms from the 70’s that become wi…

Intellectual laziness

I have been thinking about this recently. Why are exams important? Why do they exist? And if they’re so important, why are they universally hated? These are questions we’ve all asked at some point of time, and maybe over extended periods. Let’s consider the exams that commonly take place in the school/college setup here. Here are a few points in favor, that quickly come to mind

1. Exams are important because they test your ability to recall content, your knowledge of    the concerned area and your ability to apply that knowledge without external help.
2. They test problem solving skills, and then your ability to communicate the solution to the  examiner.
3. Ability to work under pressure.
4. In a meritocracy, is there really another way to judge who deserves what?
5. Without exams, students might lose all the motivation to work.

Probably more. And of course, the above points hold only when the conditions are ideal (wrt academic integrity etc.). Then people cite reasons why exams aren’t wh…