Lately, I have been thinking about “Change” as it’s appearing that a lot of things around me is changing. So Is change good or it’s highly unfortunate that it’s happening. The question is divine.
But here’s the thing “Change Is Inevitable”, it has to happen. What most people fail to realize, typically until it’s very late in the game, is that change happens to us whether we like it or not, remember its Inevitable.
Change is not that bad actually for examples I made a short list of the things that change over time and we really need these changes :

1. Weather
3. A
n era 

1. Weather
What if the weather doesn't change, it remains constant. Imagine it’s raining throughout the year, God, what a dreadful idea or consider you’re perspiring for like full 365 days a yearand now people start greetings each other like Hey Sweaty What’s up. So it's good that weather changes.

2. Fashion
Suppose we still wear those Bell-bottoms from the 70’s that become wider from the knees downward. Actually, I kinda love that style, but we can’t wear them right!

3. An era
Come on, you don’t want to live in the eras like World War, or when Britain rules the world. We’re glad that that time has gone now, it has changed.

4. Perspective
As we grow older we mature. As we mature our perspective on different things changesIt's actually quite important that you should have the right perspective on certain things.

5. Habits 

Habits can be changed, obviously. If I were to provide an example, simplest example would be smoking habits. There are a lot of people who quit smoking on a daily basis. Sometimes changing habits is difficult, but it is possible. Humans are extremely adaptive. They acquire several habits over time. But since they have acquired it, it’s possible for them to leave them as well.

But what happens when People change. Do they really change?

    Here’s a Calvin and Hobbes strip

So people change whether they like it or not. And people change -- really change -- when they perceive an advantage will accrue if they do change. They just have to understand what it is and -- poof! -- With a paradigm shift, they're almost there. When they take action in furtherance of that paradigm shift, they reinforce it and continue on the new path.
But what concerns us when people around us begins to change. Like Friends, we never want our friends to get changed because you know it’s sad when people you know become the people you knew. You loved the person so you became friends, but now suddenly they changed, they are not the same person as they used to, they are not the same person who you have become friend with. So you don’t like this change, but when you saw that same person is happy with the change, you need to understand that things are not always how you wanted it to be.You need to accept that Change is always good maybe not for you but for the one who has changed.

Sometimes you love change, sometimes you don’t  but ‘
change’ is an integral part of our life and that’s how life works.

If you’re not convinced that change can be good, remember that it’s inevitable anyway. You may not like change, but it’ll be a lot easier on you if you just let things take their course.


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