A grandfather wrote a letter to his newborn grandchild.

Here is the video where he gives invaluable advice to the newborn or you can simply read the text below also. Those who understand Hindi will get the message more clear.

Dear munna,
welcome to this world
this is a beautiful, lovely and amazing place
and you have been sent here to make it 
more beautiful and more amazing
who has sent us? No body has been able to know that till date
and probably its not even important
so please don't waste your time on such questions...
we all have a limited time here
and however we might have, it always seems less
there is so much to see, so much to know and so much experience
that you don't have any time to waste.
possibilities are endless...
you can become anything, you can do anything
you can change this world, try something new, everyday
try to learn and understand something new
remember it's always better to regret something after
doing it rather than regretting without doing it
because by doing something, even if you don't gain anything
you will gain experience, which is very valuable 
experience everything, but don't get addicted
experience will help you differentiating right from wrong,
it will prevent you from committing mistakes 
but don't be afraid of committing mistakes
because only those who do something, make mistakes
take responsibility for your mistakes
and try to rectify them, forgive other people's mistake
and give them a chance to rectify it
No one likes to commit mistakes
No one misbehaves on purpose
you don't know what's going on in anyone's life 
so treat everyone the way you treat yourself
be lenient to others as you are to yourself,
respect everyone, trust everyone 
and most importantly, love everyone
love is very spare in this world and everyone needs it
you will need it too, don't hesitate to ask for it, don't hesitate to show it
life is too short to be shy
dance like there is no tomorrow, sing with all you heart,
eat as much as you can,laugh loudly and always cry like a baby
just like you were crying now.. on phone
only your body should grow old, not your heart
the day you loose your innocence, you loose your life
think about the future, but do not worry about it
think about past, but don't get lost in it
there will be good days and bad
don't boast too much when the days are good, 
don't loose hope when the days are bad
don't give yourself all the credit for your success
and never blame others for your failures
just keep moving forward, keep spreading happiness
and always remember, you have been sent here just for one reason-
to make this world, more beautiful and more amazing

lots of love... your Grandfather


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