How to screw up your life?

1. Make someone else the center of your happiness. 
2. Live in the past.
3. Marry primarily for sex.
4. Study primarily for money.
5. Spend primarily to impress.
6. And when it all goes wrong, argue primarily to blame others.
7. Don't learn from your mistakes.
8. Care too much about what others think of you.
9. Try to please everyone. keep changing yourself just to impress others.
10. Chase your dreams but refuse to acquire the skills and techniques you require to achieve them. You will just fail over and over and look like a complete moron while doing it.
11. Use people. After you're done with them, they will expose you and tarnish your reputation, just like you used them for their abilities.
12. Lie. Every lie will eventually be brought to light, and you will be exposed for who you truly are. 
13. Refuse to open up to others. When you close yourself off to the world, you end up living a life full of loneliness. 
14. Look down upon others. When you feel that you are superior to others, people will walk out of your life or plot ways to take you down. 
15. Be greedy. When you are in it solely for yourself, people sense it. Friends will flock from you faster than sea gulls chasing after a piece of bread. 
16. Hold grudges. When you hold grudges, you become inept to forgiving others. Without forgiveness, you will always carry a burden of hate. 
17. Regret. Regret destroys everything about who you are. It limits your future. It fills you with depression and hopelessness. 


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