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Today when we were having snacks at office canteen. A newly joined girl in our group( a bunch of friends having the same experience as me, we take lunch and snacks together) told us that she got engaged and soon she'll be getting married. Every other girl was like awwwwww!!!! woww!!!, show us pictures of him, where is your ring? where will you be going to get married? Is it arranged or love? What will you be going to wear? Where will you go for honeymoon? Oh! that ghagra is beautiful. Aren't you lucky to get married near a sea in Puri.
And then she said her fiance is from IIT and currently working in a startup and planning to create his own company, everyone's face was just light up and all were like oh wow you are one lucky girl.

There is nothing wrong in this the yet to be bride was happy and every girl was happy listening to her.
But what concerns me that none of the girls asked her these, How good the guy is? What's his nature like? Do you love this guy? Does this guy loves you? Are you sure this guy will make you happy all through the life? Are you sure that this is the one?
Well, I guess these questions did not matter the most at least for the girls in our group.

I was just sitting there pretending I am not hearing anything and concentrating on eating Dosa and chutney only though I was hearing everything ;) I so actually wanted to ask above questions to her, questions that didn't matter the most. But I decided to refrain myself from asking.

I was listening and at the same time, I was thinking about my marriage too. What will be like when I'll get married. Will she love me forever? Will I love her forever?

In this article, I am about to talk about marriages. Believe me, if anyone of my friends ever read this then I'll be a dead man. They'll make fun of me like they have never done before. But what the hell.
I actually love to talk about marriage and relationship stuff.

So that new girl is getting married near a sea in Puri. And where I want to get married well suppose
if I am having the sole responsibility of choosing the location and my soon to be wife is okay with it, then probably I'll choose the nearest registrar office. Realize that marriages are not shows they are mere beginning, and beginnings are always humble not extravagant period. But that's not going to happen, right? My soon to be wife will not at all accept this. But I definitely do not want to spend lots of money on the wedding. Spending lakhs of rupees on some people we barely know, try to impress others by choosing costliest marriage halls. It just doesn't make sense to me. We should be spending that money on ourself only like we can spend on our honeymoon ;).

I want to love my wife, I want to love her forever. I am single and not sure if I'll be having an arrange or love marriage, but whatever it may, I do want to make sure one thing that I should love my wife and she should love me too. As this way, we'll start our new journey together with love.

I know how to cook and one reason why I learned this art is that I really want to help my wife in cooking and doing the dishes. I don't want to be those husbands who watch TV sitting on sofa impatiently waiting for food and after food doesn't even think about the dishes at all.

I want something like this
"My wife and I, we both will be working people, we'll work our ass off throughout the day and then in the night at around 9 pm I'll reach home at the same time she'll be reaching home, then we'll start making dinner together, she'll make rotis ;) and I'll make sabji. And I'll ask her how was your day? Then she'll start telling me about her day and I'll keep myself busy in making sabji and listening to her. And if I'll get a chance ;) I'll let her know about how my day went. After the hectic day at work, this would be our time of the day. And then we'll eat together and after that I'll do the dishes and she'll clean the kitchen".

I know I think a lot, above imagination is too much right? But I like to imagine this. We'll be so happy.

Marriages are not jokes. How people got married so casually is something I can never understand. Most of the marriages in India are happening because the boy is rich or the girl will give more dowry or because the girl is getting older at her 23. Facepalm. or simply because the parents want. Such a pathetic way to start a new journey in life.

I am sure that I don't want to start my journey like this. I will do everything to not to marry this way.
I do want to marry because I am in love with yet to be my wife because she is the one because I'll never get tired to make her happy because she loves me too and because we both cannot wait to spend the rest of our life together.
But who knows what will happen as love is hard to come by. I am not sure if I'll ever find love, but still, I love to imagine :)

Have you heard the song "yeh ghar bahut haseen hai" such a beautiful song this is!
In the movie the husband lives in a small house, the wife is from a rich family she loved the husband so she'll agree to live in that small house as she knows that they might don't have a big house or a big car they definitely have LOVE and with that small yet large like universe love "yeh ghar bahut haseen hai", "this home is beautiful".

I want my married life just like this song. There is a line "Humare ghar na aaegi kabhi kushi udhar ki" "Borrowed happiness will never come to our house". Such a beautiful line Isn't it?


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