If I were to choose a second profession ever, then it would be Teaching without any concern. I love teaching. I have been teaching since I was 17.
It all started with Engineering Drawing since my maternal grandfather is a Ret. Professor of Engineering Drawing, he taught me the subject. And I sincerely accepted it. It involves imagination, mathematics and engineering with Art. Art has always been close to my heart, I used to have a drawing notebook on which I used to draw cartoons. Childhood is really all about doing what you love (then we all have grown up - sad).
I learned E.D and I was good at it. I knew when to use HB, H and 2H and that's how it started, My Love for Teaching. I began teaching students from Engineering colleges at my grandfather's coaching center at home.
When I was doing engineering, I used to teach my friends. I taught E.D, of course, in my first year to my classmate besides teaching at a coaching class at home. One friend of mine from CS branch used to visit my home to study E.D as he got failed two times and finally sought my talent of teaching (He got passed at the final attempt and thanked me a ton. I felt blessed).
I remember one instance where I was teaching Control System to my 6-7 classmates at college and all were girls. Don't assume that I was selective about who I want to teach, but girls were always more interested in getting good marks than boys and I love to teach.
I was certainly not the best learner but I knew some subjects well, my overall marks were pretty bad just like most of the boys I was also not that interested in getting high marks.
In my whole 4 years of engineering, I taught n number of subjects to n number of people at home, at coaching, at college even online. I used to teach my friends forcibly even when they didn't actually want to study(they might have used to curse me a lot in their heads).
Here's a fun fact, I bought a digital pen/pad just to teach my friends online. True Story.

My Engineering was completed 2 years back but teaching isn't stopped yet. Now, I teach my office colleagues (forcibly, of course, and I bore them to death). All I need is some issue in the code of colleagues or some issue with their application and if I have the required knowledge regarding their issue, I start teaching them from the basics, start explaining the language first and how does the code work, why the issue arises in the first place, better alternatives, what they should do to avoid it in future and all the left out chapters from Gita. They all yawn at least 10 times until I finished helping with their issue.

Teaching is in my genes. My mother is a teacher, my grandfather is a teacher, my aunties are teachers and there definitely be many more teachers in my vast kingdom of Khandaan.

I sincerely respect all the hard working teachers around the world who are doing their best to teach the world. I used hard working as I wanted to exclude many teachers from my Engineering College. Some of them were disgrace to the profession.

Finally, I wish, I keep teaching to people and keep boring them to death. Happy Teaching.


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